​Hugo's Voice
​Hugo's Voice
We set up Hugo's Voice to help our autistic non-verbal son Hugo.  Hugo was around 15 months old when I first noticed something wasn't quite right. He seemed to just stop developing; his speech didn't come along and he seemed to play in the same way as babies play long after he had become a toddler.  I  tried to seek help - my GP, our health visitor, friends all told me that boys develop slower than girls and I shouldn't expect Hugo to hit the same milestones that our daughter hit.  I was told to give it time and that he would catch up. 
He didn't.  In my heart I always knew it was more than just boys being slower.  But you believe the professionals and family and friends - because you want too, you desperately want to believe that everything will be ok.  You want to believe that your beautiful little boy will wake one morning and say Mummy for the first time, so you don't push and you give it time and you hope!

Then eventually you realise that you need to start accepting it (whatever 'it' may be - GDD, Autism, ADHD,  I'm sure there are hundreds of reasons that may be the cause).  But you need to accept it to enable you to get your precious little child help, so that they can have the tools to deal with everyday life.  I set out to seek help - our health visitor eventually agreed to refer us to a paediatrician and we waited a long 7 months to see him and again we where told to wait and see.  We are currently on a waiting list to be seen for a Multi Disciplinary Assessment - we don't know how long the list is, but apparently we are on it somewhere.  "He may grow out of it, you just have to see what happens" - if I had a pound for every time I have heard those words!  It's so hard to be constantly told to wait when all you want is to help your child right now - he is struggling now and he needs help now!  Not in 3-4 years time when his symptoms may be worse and we may have missed the best window of opportunity to provide him with the developmental support that he desperately needs. 

So, we decided to help Hugo ourselves.  We found an independant  speech and language therapist - at least we would be doing something proactive for him.  She works with Hugo one2one on a weekly basis and she taught Hugo PECS (a form of picture communication).  Without her and the introduction of PECS /Hugo still wouldn't be able to communicate with us at all.  We also took him to see a non NHS paediatrician who saw him straight away and Hugo was diagnosed within months.  These things are obviously very expensive but it has had a massive impact on Hugo's life - he is much more content and we are able to understand his needs a lot more.  Minimising frustration in his life is crucial and with some expert help we have been able to do that - and all the while we are still on the NHS waiting list.

Hugo is very lucky that he has been diagnosed so young and therefore he isn't known as the naughty child that simply won't listen.  People understand Hugo's needs and are therefore much more welcoming and accommodating.

We want to help other families get early intervention  The system is very stretched and the resources are few and far between.  The help Hugo gets from the NHS is 5 hours a week at a specialist nursery, and although /this is amazing and we are very thankful for the support, we wanted to do more for Hugo. 

If you also feel like you would like to do more for your child please get in touch.  We managed to raise the funds for Hugo's speech therapy and would love to help you raise the funds you need.  Get in touch to see how we could help you! 

When your child doesn't have a voice you have to become their voice and advocate, to fight for their rights and needs and we are here to help you become your child's greatest advocate! 

Sam x

​Charitable purpose
Hugo's Voice has been set up in order to help families with non-verbal children and children with learning disabilities.  We want to help families access the help that is on offer and also help them to fund services that are not offered but are very needed by their children.

Hugo's Voice would like to help families help themselves by setting up fundraising pages in sponsorship of something particular (a year's worth of one2one speech therapy for example).  It is often tricky knowing where to start with fundraising and we are on hand to help give guidance and advice - knowing where to advertise and how to set up a campaign can be crutial to fund raising success and we will be here to help.

We are also hugely passionate about GPS trackers for non-verbal children who are unable to recognise danger.  Our son Hugo is extremely quick and likes to escape from wherever he is.  However he doesn't understand danger - cars, rivers, roads are all a big game to Hugo and many children like him.  We believe all children with such challenges as Hugo need a GPS tracker and tracking system so in the horrible event that they do run off they can be located as quickly and safely as possible.  This is critical and can literally safe the life of children like Hugo.

​How we can help

    • Obtaining a GPS tracker and tracking system for your child. • Fundraising help, campaign set up and management. • Help you determine which benefits you may be entitled to. • Help you fill out the forms to claim those benefits.
    • We are on hand to talk to you about any worries you may have or if you just need to talk to someone who understands what you are going through. • Meet parents who are going through a similar experience.

Get in touch!

call or text: 07891784325
email: help@hugosvoice.com
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